Cohousing Connections is bringing together Residents, Developers and Site Owners to build cohousing neighbourhoods


Are you interested in a neighbourhood where you have privacy and community?

Are you looking for a lifestyle where you have a smaller footprint and enjoy your neighbours?

Would you like your children to experience the proximity and companionship of other children?

See how Cohousing Connections can help Residents.


Are you looking for niche opportunities to differentiate your housing offering?

In a market of high condo vacancy would you like an alternate route to pre-sales?

Are your developments on the cutting edge for such emerging markets as active seniors and value driven millennials?

See how Cohousing Connections can help Developers.

Site Owners

Do you have land or a site suitable for a multifamily project?

Are you a faith community looking to redevelop a property?

Would you like to support housing with a community first approach?

Is sustainability a value ?

See how Cohousing Connections can help Site Owners.

What is Cohousing Connections?

Cohousing Connections is bringing together stakeholders to accelerate the development of cohousing neighbourhoods in Calgary by matching prospective residents with developer led cohousing initiatives. Cohousing Connections is actively engaging developers in cohousing projects through education and partnership building.

What is Cohousing?

Cohousing communities are intentional, collaborative neighbourhoods that combine extensive common facilities with private homes to create strong and successful housing developments. Most of these communities are organized as townhouse or condominium developments with a homeowners association; a few are organized as cooperatives. Cohousing is not a financial or legal model, but rather a descriptive term that shows the intent of these developments to cultivate a strong sense of community through extensive common facilities and active collaboration of the residents.