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We need community more now than ever. Being a part of a community makes our lives fuller, happier and easier. Would you like to know your neighbours and be connected through regular activities and events?

Then an Intentional Neighbourhoods might be right for you!

What are Intentional Neighbourhoods (IN)?

They are created through the Four Yeses:

1.  It’s All About The Food – Eating together is the secret sauce of community. When we enjoy meals with people, we like them more and they like us more.

2. The TCP Factor – Being part of an Intentional Neighbourhood is about being involved – Time, Commitment and Participation.

3. The Three Ups – Show up, Speak Up and Listen Up. In thriving neighbourhoods, people speak their truth kindly and listen hard to their neighbours.

4. Gift Mindedness – Our neighbourhood will be stronger as we share our gifts and appreciated the gifts of others.

Ready to Get Involved?
New Offer: First Session Free
October 18, 7:00- 8:30 pm

If you think Intentional Neighbourhoods is for you and you want to get involved, please register below. The first session is free. Following the first session, payment is required.   You will learn about upcoming opportunities, meet your neighbours-to-be, and so much more! 

  •  7:00 pm – 8:30 pm       Mondays Oct 18 – 22 Calgary Area           
  •  10:30 am – 12:00 pm  Tuesdays Oct 19 – 23 Medicine Hat Area

Do you want to know more before you sign up?   

Intentional Neighbourhood Start-up Series ($150)

If these Four Yeses catch your attention 
check out this opportunity in Bridgeland, 514 – 4a St NE. 






514 – 4a St NE

# of Units

36 units

# One Bedroom /sq footage

13 @ 480sf

# Two Bedrooms /sq footaage

17 @ 700sf

# Three Bedroom

6 @ 1020sf

# of floors with units


# of units on each floor



heated underground





incl in service pac


$85/mo estimated


incl in service pac


incl in service pac

Service Pack 1 BR


Service Pack 2 BR





Estimated rent – One Bedroom


Estimated rent – Two Bedroom


Estimated rent – Three Bedroom


Estimated Date of Move in

Summer 2022

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