What is Cohousing Connections?

Cohousing Connections establishes and supports partnerships between developers and individuals or groups who wish to live in cohousing. We provide financial modelling that enables prospective owners and developers to sign up for projects. We support the design process to ensure cohousing features are key. We provide sales and marketing services for cohousing projects.  Pre – move in, we support prospective homeowners in developing a neighbourly culture and the collaborative practises of community living.

Sarah Arthurs is the primary consultant with Cohousing Connections. She is an affiliate of Cohousing Solutions, as a participant in the 500 Communities program and is excited to be working with Katie McCamant and other cohousing developers to help seed the next generation of cohousing communities. She brings extensive experience working with groups along with excellent networking and partnership development skills to her practise of cohousing development.   Sarah has lived at Prairie Sky Cohousing Co-operative for 10 years. 

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