Great Location – Catchy Music Video!

Winston Heights Mountview (WHM) is such a great neighbourhood that the folk who live there made a music video about it !  For a quick and catchy tour of the WHM check this out!

What makes this a great location?

  • 502, 508, 512 – 17 Ave NE.  Check out the Google Map 
  • Upgraded park with many amenities including playground, walking path, exercise stations, well used soccer field, blossom trees,  picnic table and benches
  • Nearby schools, Elementary and Jr High
  • Renfrew Recreation Center
  • Soon to be upgraded Calgary Co-op
  • Natural and off leash spaces
  • Brew Pubs
  • Close to downtown and getting out of town
  • Close to Transit

Zoned for Multi Family

This site is already zoned for multi family, allowing for 20 – 22 units which makes it a great option for cohousing . As the renderings for the previous design show, there is lots of scope to create a cohousing neighbourhood with unique and attractive individual homes with all the features you would expect ( kitchen lounge, dining room and semi- private outside space)  as well as the indoor and outdoor common spaces.  This would  include a common kitchen, dining room, lounge, guest bedrooms, workshop as well as a common patio looking over the park with a city and a mountain view!

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