Services for Residents

Nevada City Coho Cooking Party

What can Cohousing Connections do for Residents?

  • Introduce the benefits of cohousing including tours of Calgary cohousing communities and interviews with current residents
  • Provide a clear outline of your involvement from finances, through design, to community building and move in
  • Bring you into the process in a timely fashion when both a site  and a developer have been identified
  • Facilitate the process between the homeowners and the developer
  • Provide you with a group of 30 (ish)  like minded but satisfyingly diverse neighbours
  • Support the development of a strong community ready and eager for move in

Next Steps for Residents

  1. Sign up here to receive Cohousing connections e- newsletter
  2. Complete this questionnaire indicating your cohousing interests
  3. Attend the next tour / information session
  4. Learn more about cohousing
  5. Share this amazing opportunity with your top picks for neighbours; friends, family and colleagues you think would be wonderful neighbours to have in your life on a daily or weekly basis. 

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