From Surviving to Thriving

For those of us who strongly believe we are better together, these are challenging times. As our familiar ways of enjoying each other and meeting are no longer available, we have to reinvent what it looks like to be good neighbours

What does together look like in this pandemic with physical distancing, self-isolation and  quarantine?

What does together look like with our increased concern for our physical, psychological, and financial  wellbeing as well as deep concern for those in our immediate and extended circles?

Cohousing  Connections is available to help forming  or existing cohousing communities:

  • Rediscover and activate the strengths and assets of your community
  • Keep relationships healthy in this experience and make them even stronger
  • Use Zoom and other online tools to have fun, care for each other and host business meetings successfully

From Surviving to Thriving: Services and Fees 

This package includes support for developing effective processes for business meetings,  personal check-in meetings and/or social events. This package include 6 hours of consulting time which will include, depending on the needs of the community:

  • An initial conversation to determine the best way forward
  • Observation and feedback about existing processes
  • Moving beyond Zoom Happy Hours – facilitating meetings to care for each other and make complex decisions
  • Ideas and co-created strategies to strengthen relationships over Zoom
  • Supporting the development of processes and guidelines going forward
  • Educational workshop depending on the needs of the community e.: use of Zoom, online sharing and caring

The fee for this package is $300.00 and will be processed through Cohousing Connections in Canada and through Cohousing Solutions  for communities in the US.

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