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In Building Community with Cohousing, film makers Dany Gagnon and Regan Payne interview cohousing residents from WindSong Cohousing Community (completed 1996), Cranberry Commons Cohousing (completed 2001) and Roberts Creek Cohousing (completed 2005). This video is entertaining, informative, heart-warming and inspiring. It provides a general overview of the concept and can be used to help educate the general public, developers, planners, and people interested in joining a completed or forming cohousing community. The video was produced by the Canadian Cohousing Network, funded by the membership of cohousing communities in Canada.

Courtney E. Martin provided a wonderful keynote at the National Cohousing Conference  riffing off the Children’s Story Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett. Enjoy!



Courtney E. Martin is the Keynote Speaker at the National Cohousing Conference,  June 1-2 2019 in Portland Oregon sponsored by the Cohousing Association of the United States.  Her 2016 TED talk wonderfully explores cohousing in connection with the white picket fence of the American Dream.  Highly recommended  as you consider whether cohousing might be part of your life or want to share with family and friends and  other cohousers-in-waiting why you are choosing cohousing.  She is also the author of the New Better Off: Reinventing the American Dream

What makes a Good Life?


How cohousing can makes us happier and live longer:

The secret to living longer may be your social life:


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