Exploring Cohousing: An Online Series

Update on Exploring Cohousing

Correction: Monday evenings – May 18 – June 22 (not Wednesdays !) 

Alexandria and I are so looking forward to sharing this online series with you! We need your registration by May 13, thanks so much! And please note

Besides the angst of whether we are going to get enough people to run it, we are enjoying planning it and thinking of all the interesting  topics we can discuss, great guests we can invite!  A new discovery is that we  laugh a lot together . . . only a good thing these days! Doesn’t laughing improve our immune systems, anyway I digress!

As things often seem apocalyptic these days . . . Alexandria shared this rendering  of Dark Ages Commons, a new cohousing project,  enjoy!


This series is being co-facilitated on Zoom by Alexandria Levitt and Sarah Arthurs.  We are both graduates of the 500 Communities Program with Katie McCamant and are excited to be working together to share possibilities of cohousing. The registration is on the Levitt Coho website. The fee is in USD and was lowered to compensate for the exchange rate! This is a great deal!

Register here

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